Reports and articles, 1991-2013

“Amnesty group arrives on unprecedented Soviet tour”, UPI 22 March 1989

“Tajikistan: Amnesty Report Attacks Cruel, Random Use Of Death Penalty”, Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty, 1 October 2002

“Amnesty International is against murder by law”,
Social Sciences and the Modern World, Issue 6, 1991 (2006 digest in Russian)

Marjorie’s publications on human rights issues

When the State Kills: the Death Penalty against Human Rights, edited with a preface by Professor Sophia Kelina, Moscow: Progress publishers, 1989.

(Когда убивает государство… Смертная казнь против прав человека, предисловие и редакция д.ю.н. С.Г. Келиной, Москва, Прогресс).

“Amnesty International is against murder by law”,
Social Sciences and the Modern World, Issue 6, 1991 (text of article in Russian)

“Kronid Lyubarsky (obituary)”, The Independent (London), 18 June 1996

“Russia on the Rack over Torture”, Asia Times, 17 December 2001

“RTS bombing case opened”, IWPR (2001)

“The Demise of The Russian President’s Pardons Commission”, RFE / RL Newsline, 2002

The Death Penalty in the Law and Practice of Tajikistan, Soros/AI report 2002

“Tatyana Velikanova (obituary)”, The Independent (London), 2 October 2002

“Four ex-Soviet States & the Death Penalty”, Quarterly on Security & Co-operation in Europe, Kluwer Law International, 2003 No 2

Rough Justice: The law and human rights in the Russian Federation, AI Report, October 2003

“Larisa Bogoraz (obituary)”, The Independent (London), 10 April 2004

Uzbekistan in pursuit of Refugees in Kyrygzstan, AI Report, September 2005

Sexual Minorities and the Republic of Uzbekistan, IRCSM, December 2005

“Leonard Ternovsky (obituary)”, The Independent (London), 20 March 2006

“Anna Politkovskaya (obituary)”, The Herald (Glasgow), 18 October 2006

“Rukhnamania: Fantasies of a Dictator” (Interview with Farid Takhbatullin, Turkmenistan), Index on Censorship, 20 November 2006

Child Soldiers Report 2008  (Chapters on Russian Federation, Estonia, Lithuania, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Mongolia)

Statelessness in Central Asia, UNCHR (2011), 74 pp.

Discrimination on Grounds of Sexual Orientation & Gender Identity in Europe (2011),  the Council of Europe Human Rights Commissioner (Chapters on Access to Goods & Services; and Privacy, Gender Recognition & Family Life)

Global Report on Child Soldiers 2012 (Entries on Estonia, Lithuania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Russian Federation)

“Valery Abramkin (obituary)”, The Herald (Glasgow), 18 February 2013