by Marjorie Farquharson



“Someone once said …” (1993)

“Suffering Russia and the Horsemen of the Apocalypse” (1997)

“Kronid Lyubarsky, an obituary” (1997)

“The Freight and the Groove” (2000)

“Aux larmes, citoyens!” (2000)

“The RTS bombing case has opened” (2001)

“The Demise of The Russian President’s Pardons Commission”, RFE / RL Newsline (2002)

The Death Penalty in the Law and Practice of Tajikistan, Soros/AI report (2002)

Rough Justice: The law and human rights in the Russian Federation (2003)

“Larisa Bogoraz, an obituary” (2004)

“Turkmenistan, closed terrain” (2006)

“Blaze and Symmetry” (?2008)

Statelessness in Central Asia (2011)

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MOSCOW DIARY 2018 (pbk & ebook)

compiled and edited by Irina Safronova