The Clock in the Sky

Visitors to the Strasbourg Cathedral tower may be surprised to confront this immense clock, screened by glass and occupying half … More

“The Slow Burn”

Short Story (1990) Black people lived on one side of the row and white people on the other, with their … More

School Notes (1967-1968)

From Marjorie’s exercise book: Lancaster Girls’ Grammar School, Class 4J (1967-1968) 1967 October 17th: …The dictionary definition of the word … More

Wet Diggity

It was raining wet diggety on the way to my father’s funeral. My wipers didn’t know which way to turn.  … More

The Door

THE DOOR It is like a door that won’t open until you have tried it many many times. I first … More


JOHN He was old-fashioned that boy. When he spotted me on his bike he honked his horn with his fair … More